Andrew Usher & Co

Andrew Usher & Co

Where blended whisky was born. A Bar, a Mirco Brewery, a Gastro Pub and a visitor blending experience all brewing under the one roof. We dine. We blend. They brew.

Some say it’s the heady smell of hops that keeps them coming back to their beer heaven and blended whisky Mecca subterranean bar with on-site brewery?! We think its probably the proper beer, proper food and rustic charm of wood on wood, mismatch furniture and the homely feeling of being a native almost immediately. Do not be lulled into thinking this is a man-cave, they have a superior range of spirits, wines, cocktail and soft options for those ladies or gentlemen not tempted by Andrew Usher & Co House Brews or Bended Whisky tipples. All this and a delicious food menu to compliment those hoppy notes including gourmet hotdogs, burgers, superfood salads, nachos, their signature Mac n Cheese and a range of home-made puddings to make every visit as sweet as the last. ‘Andrew Usher & Co – re-crafting history’: come and see for yourself…

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