Usquabae whisky bar


Wi’ tippenny, we fear nae evil;
Wi’ usquabae, we’ll face the devil!

Usquabae (“oosk-a-bay”) is a whisky lover’s paradise – the name comes from a Rabbie Burns coined variant on the Gaelic for “water of life” and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The back of the bar is lined with whisky (and whiskey), there’s alcoves lined by whisky filled cabinets, the very Scottish menu contains a fair old dose of single malt, and even the decor is built, in part, from old whisky barrels. The atmosphere alone is intoxicating.

The classic malts you’d expect from any self-respecting Scottish pub are there of course, and much more besides. Rare editions, unusual expressions, a few bottles which are all that remain of long lost distilleries and one of the finest collections of Japanese malts you’ll find this side of 余市町.

Of course, if a dram isn’t your thing there’s plenty more on offer, including a wide selection of craft beers and an impressive cocktail menu.

Possibly the most impressive thing is the knowledge of the staff on their huge range of spirit – the manager is one of the leading Scottish whisky bloggers, and the “trickle-down effect” is very evident.

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